Welcome to Earth

We've got some great places for you to visit

Welcome visitor!

Nice of you to join us


You're going to enjoy you're short break on our beautiful planet

Stay at on of our 17 million hotels across 5 continents

Hotels in orbit

Don't like too much gravity?

No problem, we've got some pretty awesome space pods for you to enjoy.

Each pod comes with stunning views, they're out of this world 

Hotels on land

What better way to relax in the sun than beside the pool.

Great weather all year round

On Earth we receive different amounts of sunlight depending where you are and what time of year it is.

This means we can cater for all tastes.

Like it hot? No Problem

Want it cold? We've got you covered

The ideal spot for a short stop

No need to book, just drop on by.

See you soon!

It's pretty cool

Dave C

I like it here, there's lots to do

Sabrina T

I had a great time living in the trees.
They really know how to make a tree.

Terence D

Wonderful beaches and the cleanest air for 4 light years. Recommended

Vanessa C

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